alla feldman

About the founder

My fascination with islands started when I was a child. Treasure Island was the first book I remember reading on my own. Then really falling in love with cold and desolate Scottish islands in the book "Kidnapped" also by Robert Luis Stevenson. The seaweed, the wind and of course never ending rain that somehow does not beat you down, but just the opposite, inspires you to be strong.    

Islands continue to to be part of my life through out my twenties as I live on the many "islands" of New York. (Manhattan Island, Staten Island...) To "collecting islands" over the years while traveling. There is a certain kind of calm that comes from being on an island that can not be achieved anywhere else. A simple fact of knowing that a large body of water separates you from whatever it is that lays on "the mainland" brings a definitive resignation of being in the present moment. That's it. There is no where else to be. It is just you and the island. How refreshing and eye opening it is to be captive audience to your own existence. There is also a sense of danger perhaps from realizing your own fragility and smallness contrasted by horizons of water. And at the same time involuntary feeling of hope that surges out of our built in drive for survival. Turmoil and calm all at once.

I believe that by studying islands we can uncover a path towards building a sustainable future for ourselves and our planet. Living a lifestyle that is more responsible, flowing in harmony with our biology, our fellow living things and the environment. It's time to assume our rightful place on this planet. And that place is of guardians not destroyers.  

Islands I've lived on: Manhattan, Staten Island, Isola d'Elba

Islands I have visited:
Italy - Capri, Sardegna, Lipari, Volcano, Stromboli, Sicily
Portugal - Madeira
Scotland - Isle of Skye
Greece - Kos, Leros, Patmos, Arki, Lipsi
Cape Verde - Sal, Boa Vista
USA - Puerto Rico, Key West, Fire Island
Netherlands - Ameland, Texel, Vlieland

                                                                        ~ Alla