Of the islands treatments

Merging health, beauty and wellness, OF THE ISLANDS brings you spa treatments that work from within to holistically elevate your wellbeing. A brand new category of care that focuses on addressing the dangers of modern living such as exposure to pollution, toxins from stress, poor nutrition, to help you activate your inner strength to handle the fast changing world. Unveiling wellness of the future, a new generation of care to help you replenish and sustain balance, strengthen from within to reveal limitless you. 


Vital Magnesium Boost

Extend your massage with OF THE ISLANDS Pure Strength Magnesium Massage Oil for an powerful boost of vitality. Magnesium is a "smart" mineral and works with your body to support it where needed the most. If you are receiving a massage in the evening this 20 minute magnesium massage infusion will work as the most relaxing balm you have ever experienced, effects of this massage will continuing to work throughout the night for a deep satisfying sleep. If you receive this massage in the morning your body will be supported with energy on the cellular level, leaving you feeling replenished with calm strength and renewed energy.


rebirth magnesium immersion

Experienced once, soaking in OF THE ISLANDS Pure Strength Magnesium will become your weekly ritual. There is something that happens in the twenty minutes that brings you to a higher plane of existence. First the warm water infused with ultra pure magnesium will start working and your body will start to sweat out the toxins. (Yes it's a strange experience to sweat while in water.) Then your true rebirth will begin. Your circulation will kick in bringing minerals to your cells and carrying oxygen to your muscles. You may feel a light pulsing effect as your muscles drink in the oxygen. With this, incredible calm energy will start to envelope you. Your brain tissue will also get an oxygen boost and you will start to feel a lift in your mood and inspirational juices will surface. Is there a break-through you are searching for? It will come to you now! The rest of the day as the effects of magnesium continue to work you will feel re-energized with continued inspiration flow. 


New horizons Magnesium scrub

Multi-functional and multi-sensory scrub treatment achieves a number of goals. First your dead skin will be exfoliated away with the eco-harvested Atlantic salt particles revealing a new brighter skin. Then the magnesium works it's magic to purify the epidermis. The detoxification process will be further helped as magnesium is absorbed by the skin and activated by gentle massage strokes. Emerge after this magnesium treatment as a completely new person ready to discover new horizons. 


stand fast Magnesium Pedicure

Our feet are a powerful center in our body. Through the nerve endings in our feet we can move and balance. Through the soles of our feet we can detox. Stand Fast Magnesium Pedicure is performed to completely reinvigorate our feet, soothe our nerves, improve circulation. Treatment starts with a detoxifying and cleansing soak with especially formulated essential oil blend. It's anti bacterial and anti fungal properties aid magnesium to cleanse thoroughly. Skin texture on our feet is softened by the ultra concentrated magnesium.   


caress Magnesium Manicure

Hands create, hands caress, hands build, hands plant. Protect your hands with a triple magnesium treatment. Starting with a magnesium soak, followed by a magnesium scrub releasing tension in your fingers, palms and forearms. Hands are then wrapped for additional warming comfort and re-mineralization. 


magnesium treatments at your spa

Magnesium at your spa

Learn more about bringing OF THE ISLANDS Magnesium Treatments and Programs to your spa, salon or resort and download the protocols and training materials. Please contact us or request access to our site for professionals. 


Magnesium Programs

See complete lifestyle change magnesium programs specifically targeted to help alleviate ailments that plague us today as the result of living our fast paced lives. Discover where you can have these immersive experiences.