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Antara detox Retreat

A perfect time for new beginnings. The amazing part is that our body has everything to function at their best, we just have to give it a chance. Sometimes it means to re-set, re-boot and get back on the right path. There is nowhere better to detox the body and mind then Antara Eco Homestead in Grandola, on the Portuguese wild coast. Simple living is the new luxury.



Join us for a 3 day Introduction to Detox Retreat:

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Springtime has a way of inspiring us to pay attention to our health. Many people choose this time of year to begin to shed the winter weight, exercise more, and eat a healthy, lighter diet.  However, trying to make too many changes all at once can be unpleasant, overwhelming and may even leave you feeling ill, frustrated and hungry! This is why many programs, detoxes, cleanses or diets often fall short of expectations.

Antara would like to offer you an alternative approach which is safe, practical, effective and provides significant, long-lasting results by focusing on these 3 pillars:

1- Nutrition and hydration to support the processes of detoxification and reduce inflammation

2- Exercise to increase energy levels and help the body excrete toxins 

3- Relaxation to nourish the spirit, quiet the mind, and calm the stress response 

We  believe that by making gradual changes to your eating habits and routines, you are more likely to succeed in creating a lifestyle that cultivates health and well-being long term.

The Antara Introduction to Detox Retreat is ideal for people new to detoxification and cleansing. We provide a safe alternative to fasting, juicing, colon cleansing and supplementation, as well as an opportunity for you to set other health goals. This can include implementing a regular exercise routine, switching off from technology habitually, and reducing your caffeine/sugar/fat/ alcohol intake.  

This retreat is for those who prefer or require a very gentle food based detox.  We have created a program to support the body as it cleanses itself,  which involves eliminating inflammatory and harmful foods and flooding the body with nutrition. This program consists of regular healthy meals and beverages which have been carefully chosen to complement the needs of your physical body as it packages up and transports harmful toxins out of the body.

Cleansing our bodies of toxicity is essential but a mental detox is just as important for good health.  Emotional toxins, such as negative thought patterns, self-criticism, and chronic stress can lead to an overtaxed mind and nervous system. This may in turn contribute to disease.  For this reason, we will be slowing down, you will be encouraged to rest, disconnect from devices and reconnect with yourself through yoga, massage/reiki, cleansing rituals, mindfulness, meditation and writing.  

It is our intention to help you feel better and be healthier both short and long term. During the three days we are together, we will guide you in creating a realistic wellness plan for YOU.  You can expect to leave feeling a little lighter, more grounded and motivated to live the best possible life.

Program schedule:

Day 1

Arrival, settling in and dinner

Evening tea, discussion and a guided meditation 

day 2

Meditation & Yoga Class, breakfast

Talk- The main detox pathways and debunking the detox myth  

Lunch & Free-time

Afternoon Tea & Workshop -Cleansing Rituals

Dinner, discussion, and journaling

day 3

Meditation & Yoga Class, breakfast  
Nature Walk and Herbal Detox Workshop

Lunch -Picnic (weather permitting) 
Free Time 
Afternoon Tea & Vegan Cooking Class
Dinner, discussion, journaling and meditation


Yoga, Meditation and breakfast
Free- time

Talk - The Way Forward - A Wellness Plan
Farewell Tea & Snack 

* Please note that the program may vary slightly from above.


With Whom?

Canadian born Melissa spent her formative years in London, England working for the music pioneer, HMV.  In her twenties, she moved to Hong Kong in a managerial position to further her career with the company, however, Melissa soon realised that she was seeking a more meaningful role in life. With this intention in mind, she focused on Yoga as a means of physical, mental and spiritual evolution. As Melissa’s connection within the discipline deepened, so did her desire to share the practice of yoga with others. Melissa went on to study in India, Hong Kong and Thailand. She is an experienced yoga teacher RYT 500 and has taught in China, Thailand, Greece and Portugal over the last 13 years. Melissa developed a teaching style that has been described as passionate, sincere and inspirational.  


While living and working in Thailand, Melissa had the opportunity to train as a detox consultant with Australian Naturopath Graham Rowe who is renowned for his gentle, non-invasive approach to detox.  As the Wellness Manager and Detox Consultant for Vikasa Yoga Retreat on Koh Samui, Melissa led clients through a unique research-based and holistic detox program for them.  The combination of food as medicine, medical science and holistic therapy produced significant results for her clients. This has influenced Melissa profoundly. She is continuing her education/development in complementary alternative medicine through work-based experience, and study in nutrition with local herbs and plants.

Twenty years after her yoga/wellness journey began, Melissa welcomes you to her own Yoga retreat in the heart of the Portuguese countryside where she lives and works.  Melissa teaches yoga and meditation classes at Antara, as well as detox and personal programs, retreats, massage therapy, Reiki treatments and attunements.

Susanne is a life-lover, soul-seeker, barefoot-walker, mother of twins.

She has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and is a certified teacher since 2007 . Always continuing to study different aspects and forms of yoga, she now teaches traditional hatha yoga, the more dynamic vinyasa yoga, as well as the inward journey of yin yoga.

She feels blessed to share her joy for both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga practice in her classes. Using awareness of the breath as the guide in all practices, she encourages you to forget about striking the perfect pose, but instead surrendering to sensations inside the body during the pose. “If you’re feeling it, you’re doing it!!”

A vegetarian for over 30 years, she is also passionate about cooking up colorful, wholesome, nourishing dishes, and always up for a discussion about the benefits of vegetarianism/veganism for your health, the planet, and of course the animals!


Who is this retreat suitable for: 

Women and Men age 16+  who would like to slow down, relax and learn more about their bodies and the function of the detoxification system in a natural, safe way.  

Who is this retreat Not suitable for: 

This retreat is not recommended if you are: Pregnant, breastfeeding or an insulin dependent diabetic. Anyone medicated for a chronic condition, has a history of heavy recreational drug use or an eating disorder should consult their doctor before deciding to take part in the retreat. If you are using the oral contraceptive pill a barrier method of contraception maybe recommended for a short period after the retreat.  The product information leaflet or your doctor will instruct you for how long you need to do so.

How much will the retreat cost?
280€ per person for 3 nights, shared occupancy (4 people max, 1 bathroom).

300€ per person for 3 nights, shared occupancy (2 people max, private bathroom).

380€ for 3 nights, private room and bathroom.

What’s included in the retreat price? 

Pre-Retreat Consultation 
3 Nights accommodation, 
3 Daily Satisfying Vegan meals & detox supportive beverages
Daily Yoga and meditation classes
1 Vegan Cooking Class 
Cleansing Rituals 
Daily magnesium foot soaks
1 Massage/Reiki treatment (30 minutes)
A Wellness Journal
Daily talks; nutrition & wellbeing
A Personal  Wellness Plan
Post Retreat Follow-up 

What is not included in the price?
Transportation to and from the retreat. 

What will the food be like? 

Carefully balanced 100% vegan meals chosen to support the bodies natural detoxification process and to reduce inflammation. All meals are prepared without gluten, lactose, trans fats or refined sugar & salt.  Caffeinated and Alcoholic beverages are not available during the retreat.  

What benefits might I feel after the retreat?

Your body already has tissues and organs in place to help you remove harmful toxins. However, when you do a 3-day detox, you  stop overburdening your body and mind and instead add more nutrition, hydration, rest and relaxation. Some of the benefits you may experience include:

  • weight loss

  • Increased energy

  • Improved digestion 

  • less headaches & muscle pain

Is it a good idea to eliminate any foods/drinks before the retreat?

If you like, you can start to pay closer attention to what you eat and drink before the retreat, but this is not essential.

Fried foods, or foods which contain a lot of refined white sugar & salt, as well as processed foods can be reduced or eliminated from your diet before the retreat if you feel like doing so. Limiting your intake of : caffeinated tea, coffee, soda, concentrated juice and alcoholic beverages is recommended but not mandatory.

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