Chapster 1 // Episode 2 - Home

Crohy Head Sea Arch, Ireland by Trevor Cole

Crohy Head Sea Arch, Ireland by Trevor Cole

What is home? There was an old saying "home is where the heart is". But what if my heart is somewhere far, beyond the horizon line, where other islands lie. Some say "home is where you make it"... Does this mean where we build? Or where we survive? We are people of the islands, our home is simply us, all of us. It matters not if we see others from beyond the horizon, it is enough just knowing they are there. Home is not a house, because a house can fall. Home is not a place, because a place can disappear. Home is us. You and I. This is the only home we know. 

Let me tell you how we got here, so you too can understand where you are headed. 

Long ago great cities towered above ground rising towards the sky higher and higher, shyly at first, then proud, rising faster and faster, consuming everything around as well as the hearts of those building them. People of the past wanted to possess the heavens. With their technology they thought they could. But in their greed and arrogance they have forgotten that they are just a part of the great cycle of existence. In their greed they stole from others in the cycle, from the animals, from the fishes, the birds, the greens and from the wind and the sun. For centuries they ignored the outcry of their fellow living beings and the atmosphere. The earth has warmed with anger beneath them. The waters boiled with acid around them. People of the past started to realize something was wrong, but it was too late, the waters have already started to rise. 

They rose slowly at first, then faster and faster rushing into the concrete cities with foaming fury swallowing all, drowning out the dust, drowning out the grime, the greed... the noise...

This is how we got here. The islands, the only remaining stitches of land, is where we exist. 

We, people of the the islands, are generation 1 to continue on. We live by a new code:

We remember the past so we don't repeat the mistakes, but we will not be arrogant to think we will not make new ones.
We pledge daily to respect every living being and every inanimate element, knowing they are like us part of the great cycle of existence.  
We acknowledge that there are energies at work with their own purpose known or unknown to us.
We take a daily stand to share our planet, our heart, our home.   

                                                                            *   *   * 

My name is Jul.

I am a part of generation 1, and this is my home. 

I am of the islands.