Avocado Multi-Task Serum

Avocado Multi-Task Serum


30 ml / 1.01 fl oz

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Our OF THE ISLANDS Avocado multi-use serum for skin and hair is made from organic cold pressed avocados grown on an organic family run orchard in Crete. The result is highly potent avocado oil brimming with vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin A, D and E, omega-3 fatty acids, beta carotene, protein, potassium, lecithin and magnesium.

High essential fatty acids and oleic acid in our avocado oil can help to promote collagen synthesis, and diminish fine lines. The vitamins and the high magnesium content serve for higher turnover and regeneration of cells to help skin get rid of sun-damage spots, age spots, hormonal discoloration.

Avocado serum penetrates the skin very well without feeling oily or greasy, but simply well hydrated.



Day and Night Moisturizer: Use 2 - 4 drops on freshly cleaned skin alone, or under your day cream. (Actually, you will not need anything else!)

Skin corrective serum: Use 2 - 4 drops on freshly cleaned skin, massage in and focus on the areas that require special attention such as sun-damage spots, age spots or hormonal discoloration.

Visible even after the first time and overtime the skin texture will start to change, pores become smaller and the skin is more balanced with dry patches going away and oily zones getting under control. As skin starts to correct itself in the second layer, the dermis, the tone becomes more even for a plump, moisturized, clear skin.

One of the truly amazing benefits of our avocado serum is the skin tone improvement. The magnesium helps to improve circulation and the skin color becomes more even, glowing from within.

Make-up primer and mixer: Use an extra drop or two before applying make-up to prep the skin for an even flawless application. Use a drop or two of the oil mixed into your favorite foundation (please choose a natural one without toxins!) for a completely even, smooth look. One of the tricks professional make-up artists use is to mix more then one foundation color to get the perfect match. With a drop of avocado serum as a mixer create the perfect pallet for your skin whether it’s day make-up, night time make-up, sun kissed look or make-up “less” look.


Hair conditioning treatment: Apply a full pipette to towel dried hair, smoothing it from root to ends and paying extra attention to any dry areas. Avocado oil will quench your thirsty hair helping the moisture to penetrate to the hair shaft an helping to seal it there. Cover with a towel and leave it to penetrate for 10-20 minutes. Wash your hair and style it as usual. Hair should get softer yet stronger, more manageable, shinier.

Scalp treatment: A few drops carefully massaged into the scalp for healthy skin, to stimulate hair growth, regulate oil production and add extra shine.

Not all avocado oils are created equal. The best avocado oil has a beautiful green-emerald color and a thicker consistency. Scent notes are fruits and nuts. Below are some very important factors that effect the quality and therefore working of avocado oil for skin and hair.


Even if avocados are grown organically, not all soil is ideal for full development of high nutrient content of the avocados. Soil has to be rich in minerals so the avocados can draw from it. This is also the reason we have chosen organic Cretan grown avocados. Crete is the seat of the birth of European civilization, the soil is ancient containing one of the highest concentrations of minerals. It is the reason we chose a family grower to ensure that the soil is treated with care and not over exhausted.


Just like soil quality has the effect on the nutrient content of avocados, the variety of avocado is also important. Fuerte and Hass avocados are the sorts of avocados that contains most fatty acids. Since avocado oil is produced by pressing the flesh of avocado, these sorts give the best fatty acid content of avocado oil. In Crete these avocados have different harvest times ensuring that year round we have the freshest avocado oil available.


Another important factor is how far and how long the avocado oil travels to the lab for production. We wanted to also have a lot of control here to ensure that the precious oil is safely packed in our beautiful Miron Glass bottles that protect the integrity and freshness of the oil. This is another reason we have chosen a family orchard on the island of Crete. By dealing directly with the orchard we are able to ensure that the oil is packed into violet glass bottles as fresh as possible with the shortest transit time. It takes just a few days to travel from Greece to our lab in the Netherlands.