Of the islands Magnesium programs

Experience a return to your best self. Get back to feeling clear headed, energetic, happy and strong. The strategy to achieve this starts with restoring the delicate balance inside our bodies, then strengthening ourselves and finally developing a new lifestyle of sustainable wellness. It is not one pill, drink or exercise technique that will ensure success, rather a combination of elements you can customize just for yourself. OF THE ISLANDS Magnesium Programs guide you as you create your very own wellness journey towards health and wellbeing. You can experience these programs at your own pace where and when you choose. It is also possible to completely immerse yourself for a week as part of an away retreat, day and weekend experiences, or a completely self-led program. These programs are designed to enable you to create a wellness jouney that is right for you.


Of the islands - SLEEP REStore

Get back to being able to fall asleep the moment you head hits the pillow, to sleep deeply and wake up in the morning completely refreshed and energized. SLEEP RESTORE program begins with re-balancing your magnesium levels to achieve intracellular balance. A diet that is supportive of improving digestion and helping your body to eliminate toxins. Together with excersize program and schedule to help you re-set your bodies natural clock. 



of the islands - Body mind strong

Do you want to go to the next level of personal performance? Weather it is improving your personal best at your sport, keeping energy levels up in your day to day, or getting to that mental break-through? In BODY MIND STRONG program you will holistically approach strength training, physical as well as mental. Magnesium treatments, diet and excersize program focuses on detox so that your body can absorb the necessary nutrients it needs, oxyginating the muscle tissues for faster recovery as well as keeping oxygen flow to your brain to improve coordination and mental performance. 


Of the islands - sustain

SUSTAIN program is focused on gently replenishing our bodies and learning techniques to sustainably carry on a journey of self-care. It is an on going program with built in periods of intensive support. If you experience migraines, or suffer strong PMS, or perhaps going through a stressful time in your life, this program helps you to build in extra support to alleviate pain and other symptoms as well as improve your physical and mental resilience.  With this program you also maintain the good results you have achieved with SLEEP RESTORE and MIND BODY STRONG programs. 


Magnesium at your spa

Learn more about bringing OF THE ISLANDS Magnesium Treatments and Programs to your spa, salon or resort and download the protocols and training materials. Please contact us or request access to our site for professionals. 


Magnesium Programs

See complete lifestyle change magnesium programs specifically targeted to help alleviate ailments that plague us today as the result of living our fast paced lives. Discover where you can have these immersive experiences.